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You'll Never Walk Alone

AUDITIONING FOR HEAVEN ? the heymacs have the feeling something's a little different this night in the receiving shed behind Ms Laurie's music store . . . keyboard man Carlyle isn't positive, but he thinks he remembers someone yelling a warning about a runaway garbage truck . . . yeah, seems there may be something loftier going on (even Ms Laurie has a sort of 'celestial' glow about her). For extra measure, it's decided to try the great, old classic "You'll Never Walk Alone", so as to make a good impression.

[ If you took some uplift from their attempt, please consider lending some support to a shelter in your area. ]

Life is Tough

THE HEYMACS RIDE AGAIN! Fortunately, fears that the mythical band of drifters had headed for the Big Concert Hall in the Sky were without grounds (apparently caused by the passing around of a bad jug of wine). IN THIS, their 2nd flick, they're fortunate enough to find a not-too-badly-abused ghetto blaster, so they're able to review some previously recorded tunage. One line-up change this time - - - Rusty Nales re-enlisted (Who could blame him? A warm bed & 3 squares a day!) - - - so the new skins/percush guy is sKid Rowe. ALSO, the Big Bottom Cowboy wasn't hanging out with the guys on this particular night (heard he had some community service to do) - - luckily, Mr. Rowe brought his pal, Geratt, along and he chimed in on some backup vocals with the band on one of Macky's tunes. ENJOY!

(Oh yeah, and as always, the boys encourage you to support your local shelter.)

Like a Rolling Stone

The boys have a go at Dylan's classic "Like A Rolling Stone" in their 3rd outing. This flick flashes back to the night mentioned in their last get-together, when they stumbled upon a nice, little studio (with good gear, too . . draggin' keys and percussion around on the bus can be a real drag !) Apparently someone 'forgot' to lock the back door to the alley. Never ones to look a proverbial gift-horse-in-la-bouche, they made the most of this good fortune and laid down some tunage (with sKid's pal, Geratt, working the controls). Once sKid and the Cowboy finished debating the best way to kick off the evening's festivities, the band pulled off a pretty cool version of the epic song.

(Oh yeah, and it's also very cool to support homeless shelters in your area . . . so, please do!)

If I Were Young Again

For those keeping score, this 4th flick finds the guys filing the rough edges off a tune from the musical 'Crazy Nights'.

It's (much!) later on the night of the "Like A Rolling Stone" jam, so the rest of the boys try to grab some shuteye whilst Macky fine-tunes his approach to phrasing this little gem.

(And don't forget, kids . . these guys used to be professionals, so don't go trying this at home!)

Hit The Road, Jack

In flick# 5, the boys beg, borrow, and twist arms to put together enough gear to prep for an upcoming audition. Two acquaintances of Ms. Laurie's stroll through the alley, and one of them is a former flame of Macky's. Unaware of the details of the situation, Carlyle alters the rehearsal schedule by launching into a Ray Charles classic. (And check the snazzy jacket & shades that came with his new security-guard job!)

( and, hey, it's getting cold out . . so please make sure your local shelter has the resources they need to provide warm beds for those who don't have anywhere else to go )


In their 6th tune trek in less than two years, the guys depart from their usual laid-back style and veer off on a total tangent as they head uptown to compete in a music contest, with prizes of free recording time & other gear goodies.
Always a believer in "If ya don't go big . . don't go" the Cowboy breaks out a couple of secret weapons to help the band prove they're as good once as they ever were!

( . . and if ya come across someone looking for a little help on some street corner, don't be shy with the spare change, eh! )

Down By The Henry Moore

the heymacs' 7th flick is jam-packed with 1) the guys getting the results of the music contest they entered last time out, and 2) the band having a go at a Canadian classic by Murray McLauchlan, plus 3) finding out that Mr. B (judge from the contest) also has some fine musical chops, and 4) a special guest cameo (thanks to a guy who knows a guy) by Mr. McLauchlan himself . . wowza!

(And, hey, the weather was divine when this outing was filmed, but it's winter now so please consider some support for your local shelter so folks can get in from the cold . . cheers!)

Stay tuned, the adventure continues...

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