Down By The Henry Moore

the heymacs' 7th flick is jam-packed with 1) the guys getting the results of the music contest they entered last time out, and 2) the band having a go at a Canadian classic by Murray McLauchlan, plus 3) finding out that Mr. B (judge from the contest) also has some fine musical chops, and 4) a special guest cameo (thanks to a guy who knows a guy) by Mr. McLauchlan himself . . wowza!

(And, hey, the weather was divine when this outing was filmed, but it's winter now so please consider some support for your local shelter so folks can get in from the cold . . cheers!)
     Cheers all !   It’'s Macky . . lead vocalist for the heymacs.  I'’m often asked questions
like “"what’'s a heymac?”" and "“are the heymacs a real band?”"  Well . . a heymac is a
member of the mythical band of drifters called . . (wait for it!) . . the heymacs.
                 Are they a real band? Hm-m-m . . interesting question.
     They are all veteran musicians that could perform the tunage if a situation called for it.
Then again, they weren’'t assembled to be a gigging band.  The original concept for this
outfit was a stage musical about folks living on the streets.  Then, that expanded to people
struggling to get by, one pay-cheque away from disaster. And, being musicians, the boys
all know what that’'s like!
     The project started getting unwieldy, so the new idea was to simplify the message :  
a band of street-types, meant to be an expression of '‘down and out'’  . . sometimes called
transients, or hobos (something like Johnny Cash being the 'man-in-black' as a reminder of
injustice . . only these guys can’'t afford 5 matching black shirts!).  They may struggle to
survive, but they keep it low-key, living by their wits and Roger Miller's philosophy of
"any lock that ain't locked when no one's around!"
     And, instead of a theatre stage, it was decided that the boys would appear in a
series of music flicks (8 or10 . . who knows).  The thought being that seeing the heymacs
would bring to mind a sense of struggling together, support in numbers, and the value
of kindness and compassion . . the heymacs evolved thusly.
      Old-fashioned, perhaps . . but, maybe what the world could use a bit more of now.
      Oh yeah, the name?  Inspired by a phrase often heard when exploring dumpsters for
discarded valuables, like shoes  ( as in "Hey, Mac! What'cha doin' in there?!) So . . come along
for our little journey . . each little bit of filmage revealing some more backstory, giving some
insight into the guys and their means-to-ends.
      First things first . . meet the heymacs  > > >  (who's who)     

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